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Easy On Hold

Easy On Hold
Vice President
Michigan USA
I could use your help. I want to know if my streaming music on hold service can be of value to Asterisk developers and telephony providers.

I founded Easy On Hold 18 years ago as a resource for businesses to deploy engaging content to the telephone hold button. Along the way we have pursued better solutions to make life easier for telephone integrators and administrators.

Our streaming custom music and messages on hold solution works seamlessly with Asterisk. It provides added value for your customers, and added recurring revenue for you.

The problem is, most Asterisk developers don't know about it! And that's why we're at Astricon 2015.

We're looking for telephony companies who want to provide enhanced MOH service to customers, but don't want to touch audio files or manage ongoing changes and updates. Your customers work directly with Easy On Hold to develop their own custom music and message on hold channel.

All you do is take the custom http URL we provide and make it the MOH source.